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I’m Simon HEGE, a software engineer based in Grasse, France. I love discovering new technologies and challenges (for sure in computer science, but also while cooking or on my road bike).

I started coding at 12, automating creation of calendar thanks to Excel macros in VBA. I then discovered the web and javascript (at a time when neither Google nor jQuery existed). I studied aeronautics and computer science at ENAC (French Civil Aviation University).

Thanks to side projects or regular job, I learned fantastic technologies, such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, C++, Go, ReactJS, … I used them in various contexts, such as aeronautical data management, cartography, accounting, data vizualisation.

I was brougth to contribute to projects such as:

  • GDAL/OGR a C++ library allowing to interact with geographical vector datasources
  • Path4Flight especially on the IA based trajectory generator web app for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
  • dex a federated OpenID Connect provider

View my code on GitHub, connect with me via LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

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